We have seen our fair share of quirky vending machines in the past, and the Rugbeer machine will definitely rank among them. After all, most of us are civilized folk – we take a gander at what that particular vending machine has on offer, think of our purchase decision, get out the right amount of money for the item of our choice, and enjoy the food or drink that we just purchased. Vandals, however, who love to give the vending machine a hard time (physically), will fall in love with the Rugbeer machine – as you will need to tackle it on the side – hard, in order to have it dispense the goods that you want. Hopefully your upper shoulder strength is up to snuff in order to have the Rugbeer machine function as intended.


This will not be a standard design for future vending machines however, as it is part of a marketing ploy created by the Ogilvy for Cerveza Salta beer, and it has certainly picked up the attention and interest from many worldwide. Those who are strong enough to deliver a tackle or a ram will be rewarded with a can of Salta beer, otherwise it is back to the gym to pump more iron and build up your strength.

Heck, to add to the challenge, there is a “pussy meter” located in front that will light up from red to green. Red is depicted as a male hen to let you know that you are not strong enough, while green, depicted by an ox, shows that you are a true blue man.

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