Funny how there was no Xbox 180 to spawn the Xbox 360 as its sequel, so why are we naming the next potential Xbox as the Xbox 720? It would get weird when the fourth generation model is called the Xbox 1.44k, no? Anyways, naming conventions and wisdom aside, some of the latest rumors concerning the next generation Xbox (which we will refer to as the Xbox 720 for the moment) hail from a two-year old set of documents, where it touts a list of what Microsoft has in mind for the next generation console. Some of the hardware updates involve a form of Xbox TV, although that has yet to be confirmed. It has been targeted for a holiday 2012 release, although that does not look too likely at this moment considering how the Xbox 360 still looks as though it has plenty of legs left.

The leaks also point towards 2015 as the year where the console will feature “Xbox experiences served up form the cloud. Instantly on any screen,” meaning you can also record shows to watch on other connected device in the vicinity, including streaming media, booting up and playing Xbox games on the console, followed by continuing to do so on other devices such as smartphones and PCs thanks to RemoteFX tech. Hmmm, do you think that such claims will eventually pan out, or is it wishful thinking?

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