Samsung builds new chip manufacturing line, spends $1.9 billion in doing soSamsung knows that in order to stay on top of the game, they will need to continue improving, which means staying stagnant and content with what they have achieved so far is taboo. Having said that, Samsung has decided to make the decision in spending a cool $1.9 billion in order to construct a new chip manufacturing facility to be able to churn out more processors for mobile devices – as part of their business plan to meet growing demand for smartphones and tablets around the world.

Right now, Samsung is the one behind the manufacturing of application processors for Apple’s iPhone and iPad, and they also churn out their own iPhone and iPad rivals in the form of the Galaxy and Note range of devices which are sometime powered by Samsung’s own processors. This manufacturing line will be able to use 300mm wafers and engrave chops using 20 nanometer and 14 nanometer process technologies.

While this could mean smaller and smaller processors in due time, this will more likely means more transistors per processor in order to execute more instructions at any given time. Samsung and other mobile chip makers try to stay within a given power envelope, but chances are that battery capacity will have to adapt to the rise in performance of those chips, which are already faster than old laptops.

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