It is safe to assume that Samsung is a fan of styluses. After all with the launch of the Galaxy Note and with the S Pen being one of its touted features, it’s not a stretch of the imagination to think that Samsung thinks of the stylus as being a mere accessory. With that being sad, it seems that Samsung has filed for a patent pertaining to a stylus, but not just any old stylus, but one that comes with a headset built into it. This isn’t a particularly new concept as it has been seen before in the ASUS Padfone (let’s hope no lawsuits come out of this), but it certainly is a pretty interesting idea.

After all with smartphones and tablets starting to blur the line with expanding and shrinking displays, a stylus that doubles as a headset would certainly look like more elegant solution compared to placing a 7” device up against your ear. No word on when we could be seeing such a stylus being released by Samsung, but given that the company has dabbled with styluses in the past, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this Samsung accessory become a reality in the near future. So, what do you guys think? Would you like a stylus that could also double as a headset?

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