The fact that crime doesn’t sleep means that police officers will have to be on the lookout all the time. Unfortunately in between apprehending the bad guys and keeping the peace, these good officers have to return to the station to file reports and whatnot. In an effort to keep the officers on the streets longer, the San Francisco Police Department will be introducing some mobile technology to its patrolling officers, thanks to a partnership spearheaded by Mayor Ed Lee.


60 new laptops will be given to the latest batch of police officers graduating from the academy and have been donated by Hewlett Packard, along with a piece of software that has been developed by Arc Touch. This will allow officers to remain connected while patrolling the streets and will allow police officers to transfer speech and videos into reports, and access crime data while in the field, thus reducing the need for officers to continuously make pit stops at the station. According to Police Chief Greg Suhr, the introduction of this new technology will enable officers to stay on the streets longer everyday for an additional three to four hours.

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