Siri API to be introduced at WWDC 2012 on June 11?Siri is said to be one of the distinguishing features found on the iPhone 4S compared to its predecessors, where the supposedly smart voice assistant makes life a whole lot easier for you to make full use of the iPhone compared to just a touch based interface. Well, Siri might have its pros, but there is still a lid of limitation to it due to Apple’s rather stringent control over its use. Nice to know that such hold on it is about to change, where Apple is going to introduce the Siri API at WWDC this coming June 11th – or at least, that is what industry insiders claim.

This will definitely be a historical account, as it will mark the first time where developers are able to get their hands on Siri. Right now, jailbreak developers have been able to develop applications which integrate Siri functionality into their apps, but those are not of the official standard, so here is an opportunity to go legit (in Apple’s eyes, anyways).

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