Just how many ways are there to skin a cat? I guess the answer depends a whole lot on the expertise of the person whom you ask – and in terms of the QR code being the proverbial cat here, we have just stumbled upon yet another way that does not redirect customers or clients to a different website. No sir, it seems that a bunch of nine restaurants, bars and hotels in London will be the first businesses in the world that utilize SmartBox, a new interactive table talker which relies on QR codes to improve the CRM (customer relationship management) experience, enabling them to participate in competitions and loyalty schemes amongst others.

SmartBox will reside on a restaurant table top, where it functions as a data capture device that will pave the way for customers to communicate and perform transactions. All one needs to do is scan the QR Code on SmartBox, where he or she will be redirected to a mobile website that shows off a loyalty scheme alongside other promotional material like upcoming competitions and such. Good thing today’s news about QR codes is not that morbid. [Press Release]

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