Solar Floating Resort – Bond villains, line up to take a number

Doesn’t it irk you that whenever a villain has superspy James Bond at their mercy, they tend to “play with their food”, so to speak, and in the end, give him the opportunity to break himself free from his prison (spies have a tendency to do that) and ultimate thwart whatever world domination plans that they have in mind. Surely those villains (or any oil sheikhs) would love to own the Solar Floating Resort – as this sun-powered floating resort is capable of traveling to the open seas, letting you view underwater life swimming around from a submerged observation bulb to boot. Hopefully where you have brought this to the open seas will have waters clear enough to wow your guests.

Measuring 60 feet in length, the Solar Floating Resort was specially constructed to cater for half a dozen people, and has just about every creature comfort you can imagine, including jacuzzis. Needless to say, forget about one creature comfort that we all take for granted these days – an Internet connection, as you can never quite tell just where you will end up with this, so bring along a portable modem for your best bet. No idea on pricing just yet, but we would not be surprised if this were to carry a £100 million price tag.

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