There have been recent reports that some MacBook Pro models with the Retina display are facing some ghosting issues. The good news is that these reports appear to be somewhat limited and small in nature, which means that we could just be looking at a bad batch of display panels here instead of a widespread problem. Either way if you’re planning on getting the MacBook Pro with Retina display, we guess it wouldn’t hurt if you kept an eye out for any issue, especially since the laptops are returnable within 14 days under the “no questions asked” warranty. Apple has acknowledged that there are some problems with some models of the MacBook Pros and Geniuses at the Apple retail stores have reportedly begun ordering replacement units, but given the popularity and high demand of these Retina display models, you might have to wait a couple of weeks before your replacement model arrives. In the meantime if you’d like a better idea of the problem, check out the video above or head on over to the Apple community forums. If you are able to look past this little hiccup, check out our full review of the Retina display MacBook Pro to see if this laptop is the one for you!

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