Sustainability seems to be quite the buzzword these days, and Sony knows that one cannot make leaps and bounds in technological advancements while sacrificing the future. Four new concepts have been unveiled by Sony which hope to contribute to a more sustainable future, and you can get a better idea on what Sony is doing with the four concepts being presented in the video above. If you are one who watches videos later after reading the story, these concepts will involve a blend of ground-breaking ideas, inventions and models, and are the product of the FutureScapes project.

FutureScapes is run by Sony and Forum for the Future, where this open collaboration project is a magnet for futurologists, thinkers, authors, technologists, sustainability experts, vloggers and the public who want to set their imagination free to wonder just what life is like in the year 2025 – assuming we haven’t wiped ourselves out in a nuclear fallout beforehand, of course.

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