Suicide code sent by Flame malware Remember the Flame malware that was making waves all over the news last month, only to have Microsoft release a patch in response to that? Well, the war is far from finished as it seems, as the creators of the Flame malware have fired their latest round of “ammunition” in the form of a “suicide” command which will remove it from selected infected computers. According to security firm Symantec, they managed to catch the command by running booby-trapped computers that were specially set up to monitor Flame’s actions.

Just like how the other security firms do it, Symantec continued to keep a keen eye out on Flame by relying on the “honeypot” method – which would mean having computers that will report on what happens in the event of an infection by a malicious program. Flame has been described as a very sophisticated cyber-attack, where it has targeted countries like Iran and Israel, with the intention of stealing large amounts of sensitive data.

The latest bit of news involving the “suicide” command showed that it was specially “designed to completely remove Flame from the compromised computer,” according to Symantec. This would mean no longer leaving any trace of the infection behind, which is a good thing – right?

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