Takara Tomy, a name that is well known in the world of toys, has managed to wow the crowds over at the Tokyo Toy Show 2012 with the I-SODOG. Just what is the I-SODOG? It is a toy that is said to be small enough to fit in the palm of your hand – making me wonder whether this was inspired by a chihuahua, although it is a good thing that it does not pee or poop, but will instead come with 15 servo motors that are ideal to reproduce realistic movement. When you turn it on, its eyes will light up, allowing users to interact with it just like how they would with a real dog. There are over 50 voice commands to learn, where you speak to it over a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone device.

A custom app is there to let you help the I-SODOG perform tricks on command, including shake a paw, the ability to dance to songs which you previously downloaded, or perhaps to even move intuitively through a simple tilting of the phone. Apart from that, there is also an artificial life component that would up the ante of the I-SODOG to Tamagotchi levels, where you can punish bad behavior or reward it using digital doggy treats.

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