If you are a huge fan of the Dr. Who series, then surely you would know of the many Doctors as well as the amount of time travelling that they do. I wonder whether frequent flier miles (or should we say, minutes) count over here. Anyways, an enterprising person came up with the idea of this Tardis Engagement Ring as he intends to snag the love of his life in the most geeky fashion possible. I would say that he knows what his lady likes, and if she has a heart, she would definitely give a resounding “Yes!” to his proposal. Hopefully the entire process will proceed smoothly, and without a doubt if anything goes wrong, they can always turn back the clock and travel back in time to change the course of history, no?

A cheeky part of me has this to say – what happens when a hardcore Barbarian character in Diablo 3 wants to wed? He might just present the engagement ring in an urn or vase, asking the lady in his life to smash it to unveil a ring, no?

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