The calculator app on the iPhone gets the job done just fine. Flip it to landscape mode and you get a scientific calculator layout, and flipping it to portrait gives you a standard layout with all the buttons you need. However if you felt that the calculator app on the iPhone could do with some improvements, or have some features added that makes it more exciting, the Rechner Calculator app might be worth taking a look at. Available on the iTunes App Store for $0.99, this is a calculator app that makes use of gestures in order to operate.


As you might have surmised from the photo above, the Rechner Calculator app does not feature the standard plus, minus, multiply and divide buttons. Instead it makes use of gestures to perform those calculations, i.e. swiping left to add, swiping right to minus, etc. Based on the video below, it certainly looks like it could make calculating on your iPhone a quicker task, not to mention a cooler one as well. We have yet to try it for ourselves so we can’t really speak for its effectiveness, but if you think that the Rechner Calculator app has some merit, pop on over to the iTunes App Store for the download.

Rechner from Berger & Föhr on Vimeo.

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