For those planning on getting their hands on Apple’s next-gen MacBook Pro with Retina display, Japanese site IT Media has released a report on the laptop and revealed just how hot it is when idling, watching video and when pushed to its limit. The image above also accompanies the report which is the thermal imaging of the MacBook Pro, showing at which parts of the laptop get the hottest and which remain the coolest, so if this is your first MacBook Pro and you’re looking to get a laptop cooler for it, you might want one that has its fans placed towards the back and center if you want to keep your MacBook Pro as cool as possible.

According to the website, they have found that when idling, the MacBook Pro maintained a temperature of 30.3C with the fans running at 30 decibels. However 15 minutes into watching a video, the temperatures rose to 35.1C, and even went up to 48.2C when pushed to its extremes, with fans running at an audible 46 decibels. More information on their testing can be found at their website, although you might need to translate it as it is written in Japanese.

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