If you love kung-fu movies, then Bruce Lee is no doubt an actor you probably wish was still alive today to put out more awesome action movies. While that might be impossible, if you’re a fan of the late Bruce Lee and his kung-fu flicks and you already own a couple of t-shirts, keychains and posters, how about adding a Bruce Lee USB drive to your collection? Pictured above, this particular USB drive is a miniature Bruce Lee wearing his famous yellow and black outfit made famous in the Game of Death movie. The hairstyle, the bushy eye brows and even the nunchucks seem pretty spot on. Designed by Pretec, this particular USB drive will unfortunately only be able to hold 4GB worth of data and will feature USB 2.0 connectivity. Unfortunately no word on how much this Bruce Lee thumb drive will cost or how you will be able to get your hands on it, but pop on over to Pretec’s website if you’d like more details.

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