Yes, we have heard that Tomb Raider has been confirmed by Square Enix to be released next year – more specifically, on the 5th of March, 2013. Having said that, there were no indications prior to that announcement that the Tomb Raider franchise would also make its way to the recently paraded Nintendo Wii U platform at E3, but a scan courtesy of a Game Informer feature on Tomb Raider does point towards the very real possibility of the game arriving on the Wii U platform. For some added context, January 2012 saw Crystal Dynamics mention that no plans were in line for a Tomb Raider Wii U version, as it was still being developed using current technology. Having said that, the scan that you see on the right might just be one of the following three – it is a 100% red herring to throw gamers off the right trail, it might be a misprint by Game Informer, or perhaps Crystal Dynamics have decided to perform a U-turn. What do you think?

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