So, Apple announced their revamped mapping application at WWDC yesterday, and it has definitely wowed as well as captured the imagination of the crowd. Certain quarters have even gone so far as to say that Google Maps will be in the decline with the introduction of Apple’s latest Maps solution, but that might be too premature. Word has it that TomTom is the one licensing out their maps data to Apple for iOS 6, although TomTom did remain quiet on additional details when pressed about this working relationship. Tom Tom stated that “No further details of the agreement will be provided,” and this bodes well with the Apple top brass as keeping secrets is one of the strong suits of the fruity company.

Have any of you considered how transit information might be lacking in Apple’s Maps solution? After all, plenty of folks do rely on Google Maps’ transit information, and it is a great way to plan your journey especially in an unfamiliar place. Will this be the lacking feature to make Apple’s Maps solution a killer app?

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