So we have vending machines that actually spit out pizzas, or ones that require you to tackle them before rewarding you with a can of ice cold beer, making me wonder just what other vending machines out there are able to capture the imagination and attention of the masses as they get more and more sophisticated, or at least dispense with non-traditional items? That would mean traveling over to the continent of Africa, where South Africa hosts a vending machine that is activated via Twitter. Known as BEV, it is believed that this vending machine is the first of its kind in the world, rewarding folks at Cape Town’s Wembley Square who tweet the correct hash tag with a sample of BOS Iced Tea.

This will be a promotional exercise that will end this week, where BEV’s display shows off the kind of hash tag you need to tweet from your mobile device before picking up your reward. Just make sure your Twitter app can access your current location before doing so, as BEV is not silly to dispense of its goods without anyone nearby to collect it.

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