It seems that the Wii U has its fair share of issues before its release, and understandably so – among them, a calibration problem that has been touted by some to be one of the most significant flaws from Nintendo’s upcoming console. Basically, it has everything to do with the screen controller’s seeming inability to “remember” its position vis a vis your TV. Should your game need the GamePad to be aimed at the TV, it is going to be quite the issue, as the GamePad’s internal motion sensors seem to lose track in time of where the TV had been. It requires a simple button press on the controller in order to re-set its center point.

Nintendo head honcho and chief game designer, Shigeru Miyamoto, is already aware of the situation, and informed Kotaku that “It’s true that with some of the sensors that are used [in the GamePad,] there are limits to the precision they are able to measure. It becomes our role to look at how can we manage that or how can we make it so that the reclaibration becomes part of the gameplay. That’s what we’re going to be working on going forward.”

Will better sensors be part of the solution, or is there a way for Nintendo to ensure that their future games will require a quick recalibration as part of the gameplay instead of a deliberate button press?

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