Many people play MMORPGs for different reasons. Some love the economics of the auction house and just want to make money, while others prefer the teamwork and the long fights of raiding and downing bosses, while others prefer killing other players in PVP. If you consider yourself a PVP sort of player, you might be interested to learn that come World of Warcraft’s next expansion, the Mists of Pandaria, Blizzard has revealed that they will be adding more PVP content “than we’ve ever had before”.

So what sort of PVP content can gamers look forward to? According to Blizzard, the content includes two new Battlegrounds with new gameplay which brings the number of Battlegrounds up to 10, and a new Arena that players can pit their PVP skills against others, which will also bring the number of Arenas to 6. Blizzard has also mentioned that with the introduction of the Black Market Auction House, it could also prove to be PVP grounds since it is located in neither neutral nor safe zones.

Blizzard’s Tom Chilton also revealed that they will be adding an item to the game that will allow players on the ground to dismount players on flying mounts. The details of that item have yet to be revealed as they are still working on it, but what do you guys think? Do the new PVP features and Battlegrounds make Mists of Pandaria a more exciting expansion you’ll want to return to?

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