So you love playing with you Xbox? Apparently a Jamaican man had another thing in his mind – stuff approximately 24 pounds of cocaine inside the gaming console. It’s too bad for the man and for the Xbox as well, because the Jamaican authorities spotted the dirty trick up their noses. Sources from the web say that the man, who claims to be a Guyanese traveler, initially cleared the customs with a laptop and a suitcase on hand.

But the suspicion of the authorities began to skyrocket when the man reportedly returned to the baggage area claiming that he left a third package. And yes, it was the Xbox stuffed with 24 pounds of cocaine on it. The customs scanned the console and found the coke inside. The Jamaican authorities said that the man professed that he was actually paid $5 million to do the deed. We can’t really tell if it was an Xbox 360 or the original Xbox. But nevermind, the guy is probably already in jail. As for the Xbox, well, it’s finally clean.

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