Just how cheap do you expect a revised version of the Sony PS3 to go for in the market? Well, if we are talking about the upcoming super slim PS3 that is also known by its model number, CECH-4000, then rumor has it that it will retail for just $150 a pop – but that relatively low, low price would mean cutting corners somewhere, and it would be the amount of onboard storage that will be affected this time around, where it will come with just 16GB of storage space.

That is certainly not much at all in this day and age, especially when you consider the amount of data required in modern day games (Blu-ray sized here). It will still take some time before the 16GB PS3 is released though, and do not expect it to be announced at the Gamescom event which is happening next month since Sony’s current model inventory is still way too high in terms of stock count to flood the market with yet another piece of hardware.

Still, this rumored model will most probably be a direct competitor to the 4GB Xbox 360 from Microsoft. I guess there really is a market for consoles on the low end spec after all.

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