Apple has just released a quick guide on how to update your computer to Mountain Lion, which will be released at some point in July. Unfortunately, some people may get upset when looking at the guide as Apple has also confirmed which computers will not be able to make the jump to Mountain Lion.

Here is the complete list of computers that can upgrade to Mountain Lion: iMac (Mid 2007 or newer), MacBook (Late 2008 Aluminum, or Early 2009 or newer), MacBook Pro (Mid/Late 2007 or newer), MacBook Air (Late 2008 or newer), Mac mini (Early 2009 or newer), Mac Pro (Early 2008 or newer), Xserve (Early 2009).

Apple did not mention any specific reason as to why some of the computers could not make it. According to Ars Technica, the graphics sub-system on select 64-bit systems are what’s causing the problem. Apparently, the Gold Master developer version of Mountain Lion, which was released yesterday, won’t load the graphics on the older machines that rely on 32-bit GPU drivers.

Apple seems to have decided that it didn’t want to spend the money, time and more importantly engineering resources, in writing replacement drivers so those computers could upgrade. These computers will still receive the occasional security patch or bug fix from Apple, but won’t be getting any major OS upgrades. Will your computer be left in the dark? If so let us know in the comments section below.

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