Siri logoIt was only earlier this month when we reported that Apple was being sued over Siri and now it looks like they’re in trouble over the voice assistant again. This time, a Taiwanese university has sued Apple for alleged patent infringement. Apparently Siri infringes on two of the school’s US patents dealing with speech recognition technology. The university is demanding monetary compensation (undetermined amount) and that Apple should stop using Siri on the iPhone and iPad.

Besides fighting for its own patent rights, the act of suing Apple has also been in response to repeated patent infringement lawsuits that foreign companies have filed against Taiwan’s electronic firms. We’re not sure how it’s going to help any other Taiwanese company, but I guess this shows that copycats aren’t only from that part of the world. I’s been also mentioned that the school will be targeting other foreign companies  in the future. I guess Google and Bing will have to keep an eye out as well since they’ve got voice assistants on major platforms as well.

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