It was just last week when we heard about Russian hacker Alexey Borodin managing to discover a loophole by going around Apple’s in-app purchase system. This was achieved by kickstarting his very own server when it comes to purchases, hence allowing one to purchase items within the app itself – all without having to fork out a single cent, and to put it in layman’s terms, for free, yo! Apple is definitely not too happy with the discovery of such an exploit, and are working on the issue with a promise of gold that this particular exploit will be no more when iOS 6 arrives in its full glory.

Borodin mentioned, “By examining last apple’s statement about in-app purchases in iOS 6, I can say, that currently game is over. Currently we have no way to bypass updated APIs. It’s a good news for everyone, we have updated security in iOS, developers have their air-money. But, service will still remain operational until iOS 6 comes out.”

All’s well that ends well, no?

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