Baldurs Gate website begins countdown to a possible announcementBack in March earlier this year, we reported that Baldur’s Gate would be getting a new lease on life via the Enhanced Edition. Granted this might not be a game that the younger gamers might know of or appreciate, but we’re sure that many fans of the Forgotten Realm franchise and veteran RPG gamers are looking forward to this (I know I am!). That being said, there are some questions that we’re sure many gamers are asking, i.e. when can they get it, where, and how much. Well if you haven’t been checking the Baldur’s Gate website, it has since been updated with a countdown timer (at this time of posting, it had about 8 hours to go) which we presume will be an announcement to answer the questions in the screenshot above. So if Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition is a game you’re looking forward to relive on your computers or iPads, check back with us in 8 hours’ time or head on over to its official website.

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