Bodies and Beats lets you mash up dancing people and music

Bodies and BeatsIf you like making music and creating weird video collages, you’re in luck – there’s an app just like that. It’s called Bodies and Beats for iOS devices but unfortunately, it’s still in its funding stage right now so there’s a chance that it won’t make it to the virtual shelves of the App Store. Bodies and Beats is a music making app that lets you compose a song and then create a dancing human being to go along with it. Users can choose from a catalog of body segments (the head, body, waist, hips and legs), mix and match and come up with some weird, dancing figure to match their songs.

Sounds like an interesting idea with a pretty cool demonstration video to go along with it. If you’re interested in checking it out, be sure to head to the Bodies and Beats Kickstarter page where you can fund it as well ($5) for the app when it comes out.

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