Credit cards have progressed a long way since they were first issued to folks who could not wait to spend money that they do not yet have. Gold cards were the top tier standard many years ago, but these days, having a Platinum card is deemed to be “ordinary”, while those who make tons of moolah each month tend to settle for the Infinite cards. Well, Comcast has taken the credit card marketing route with their latest Xfinity broadband connection which delivers a theoretical 305Mbps connection – calling it the Platinum tier, which is a wee bit faster (on paper, at least) than what Verizon’s FiOS offers with 300Mbps.

The asking price for such insane speeds? We are looking at approximately $300 each month, and this is roughly a $90 premium compared to what FiOS have to fork out. Economically, it does not make sense, but then again, so is buying a Hummer when it absolutely sucks at fuel economy. One thing’s for sure – you need not wait any more when it comes to your Internet connection, as websites should load more or less instantaneously.

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