So you’re sitting out there in the snow with the rest of your company, literally freezing to death while you await for reinforcements to arrive before making that final push beyond enemy lines. Well, previous Real Time Strategy as well as First Person Shooters do not really take environmental situations into tactical consideration too much, but in Company of Heroes 2, there is an innovative weather condition simulation technology that will actually prove to be harmful to your troops – especially when they are hanging around the vicinity of the unforgiving Soviet winter, just like in real life when the world was embroiled in World War II.

This weather system is the brainchild of Relic’s spanking new Essence Engine 3.0 and its ColdTech system, where there is an “extreme cold” game mechanic which “accurately encapsulates the Soviet winter which reached extremes of -40 degrees in 1941.” It takes practically minutes for skin to freeze in such weather, and winter maps that see infantry units exposed to such deadly cold will freeze to death eventually. There is a way out though, and keeping warm by a fire is definitely one of them, so too being garrisoned in buildings by the player is an effective method.

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