The brilliant Stephen Hawking certainly knows what he is talking about when it comes to physics, and do imagine just how much more he is able to achieve if he were to be fully healthy? I guess that is a rhetorical question, and do appreciate his immense contribution to the world of science. Those who suffer from various diseases or have physical conditions that restrict one’s movement to just the eyes, can finally be able to use their eyes to control a computer, even if the kind of parts used amount to just $35 thereabouts. The system is sensitive enough that under testing circumstances, test subjects managed to score within 20% of an able-bodied person right after a mere 10 minutes of practice.

This particular tracker will rely on a couple of video console cameras in addition to a pair of eyeglasses that require to be calibrated. After the calibration process, it is more or less be able to track the pupils in a precise manner, letting one control a cursor or move a paddle in the game of Pong. You can also “click” using the eye-mouse by winking, while there are other more precise adjustments which can calculate gaze depth. Interesting – hopefully the system will be miniaturized enough and come in an affordable package should it be commercialized.

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