Dead Space 3We all know that Dead Space has been very well-received due to its spine-tingling fear factor but apparently for the same reason it’s not doing well enough with most of the mainstream gaming audience – at least according to what EA discovered with its research. It seems that people have been asking for a way to play the game with friends because it was too scary and it looks like EA is going to deliver with Dead Space 3. EA claims that Dead Space 3 is “no less scary” and “true to its roots” – so you can expect it to be just as terrifying as the previous two games, but now you have the option of playing it with a friend to share some of the tension.

EA hopes that Dead Space 3 will turn the Dead Space franchise into one of its biggest sellers – by making the upcoming game more accessible to a wider audience, I guess it will help it reach the goal. What do you think of co-op in Dead Space 3? Will it make you more likely to check out the game if you haven’t played the previous two before?

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