It’s been less than a day since the Diablo 3 godmode wizard exploit was fixed and now there’s another one already discovered. While it’s not as game breaking as the previous exploit, this new bug will make barbarian characters a lot more powerful. All barbarians have to do is equip Furious Charge with the Dreadnought Rune, and then charge into an opening cinematic (i.e. before a boss battle) to enable it. The effects? 8% of your HP back with every hit you make. Technically it’s not going to let you mow down enemies without a care in the world, you’ll have a hard time dying as long as you can keep attacking something.

No word on when Blizzard will be issuing a fix for this problem, but judging by its quick reaction to the wizard exploit, it shouldn’t be too long. Check out a video demo of it above.

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