Edifier Spinnaker Bluetooth speaker system introduced

Edifier SpinnakerIf you’re looking for a new wireless speaker system to spice up your living room, Edifier’s Spinnaker might be what you’re looking for. The audio system manufacturer today announced its new flagship speaker system Spinnaker. Featuring an avant garde design that resembles shark fins, these stylish speakers stand 16.5″ tall and are touted to project sound towards the listener with its front facing tweeters and mid-ranged drivers, as well as a downward firing bass driver in each speaker.

If you’re a stickler for wireless devices, the Spinnaker’s Bluetooth connectivity ensures that you won’t need any messy wires sticking out from the speakers. However, if you’re not too bothered or you don’t have Bluetooth enabled devices, it features optical and auxiliary input for other audio sources. The Edifier Spinnaker is available now online or from retailers across the country ($349.99).

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