Is everything peachy keen with the Google Nexus 7? Apparently so to most quarters, but there are naysayers in the community as well, where some of them who are experts claim that Google’s Nexus 7 tablet might feature a fantastic LCD display, albeit it comes with pitiful calibration. This is what display expert Raymond Soneiraoogle thinks of the popular Nexus 7 tablet.


Hailing from DisplayMate Technologies, Raymond claims that the Nexus 7 “falls short” where its display is concerned, touting that he knew “something was seriously wrong” upon casting his glance at the standard photos which DisplayMate rely on to visually evaluate displays.

Raymond continued, “Many of the images were noticeably washed out — they looked like over exposed photographs with missing highlights, reduced image contrast, and weak colors.”

Basically, the LCD might be brilliant with great luminance, a high contrast ratio, an excellent Color Gamut and Color Saturation, but factory calibration of the display parameters is definitely off the mark – at least this is what Raymond thinks. What about you?

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