Google+, the social network from the Internet search giant (who has since gone on to expand the reach of their tentacles across many different businesses, most of them having something to do with the field of computing), has recently made its mark at the top of a customer-service index of social-media websites, where among the competitors include Facebook. On the other hand, Facebook actually hit a record low in the annual report.

Kicking off in June last year, Google+ has managed to tie with information aggregator Wikipedia, sporting a score of 78 in the social-media category on the American Customer Satisfaction Index E-Business Report. This would be 78 points out of 100 points just for your information. As for Facebook, I suppose the mandatory change to Timeline saw its points plummet down to 61 from 66 last year and 64 in the year before that.

So is Facebook in trouble? Not really, as according to Larry Freed, chief executive officer of researcher ForeSee Results Inc., “Facebook is having a hard time with its customers, but they kind of own the concept of social network. If you want to see pictures of your grandkids or share them with your grandparents, you’re not going to find them on Google+ today. But if that network continues to grow, then they could be a very serious competitor.”

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