If you’re living the digital age where social networks are prevalent, then chances are you have a Facebook or Twitter app installed on your smartphone. If you’re the type that checks Facebook constantly for news and updates, there probably are times when there is a pretty interesting piece of news or update that you’ll probably want to savor at home or when you have more time to give it a proper read through. Well if you own an iOS device, you’ll be pleased to learn that Facebook for iOS has been recently updated to include a new Save feature that lets users save posts for reading later.

In a way this could be thought of as a bookmark or a favorites, and all you’d have to do is tap and hold a post and it should be saved into your Saved folder. Saves are reportedly private, which means that people won’t know you’ve saved their updates or posts (phew!) and they will have to be manually removed from the Saved folder once you’re done reading them. Are these some of the improvements that the former Apple software engineers are working on for the iOS Facebook app? It’s hard to say but either way if the Save feature is something that you think is incredibly useful, fire up the iTunes App Store and update your  app!

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