What you see above was birthed by the mind of a genius, although it looks really funny compared to all of the other planes that we have seen in the past. You could say that the FanWing is somewhat revolutionary in its design, relying on huge rotating fans that are embedded in its wings which will work to deliver not only lift but propulsion as well. Scale models have made their way across the skies for years now, but it seems that work has been done to deliver a manned ultralight prototype which is touted to hit our skies sometime early next year. That is not too much time left, with it being July now, so we do look forward in anticipation as to how the FanWing will perform.

Within the FanWing’s wings lie long cylindrical turbines that are spun by engines so that they will be able to force air over the top of the wing in order to generate lift as well as forward thrust at once. As the lift is engine-powered in the same way as that of a helicopter, a FanWing is said to be able to take off nearly vertically, and yet remain as efficient as a traditional fixed-wing airplane whenever it is in level flight. No idea on how much it will cost, but it does not look to come cheap that’s for sure.

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