Square Enix used to be the golden eyed boy of the video game market, but it seems that it might finally have run out of steam where the Final Fantasy series is concerned. Word on the street has it that Final Fantasy XIV will be relaunched, where it will be known as ‘A Realm Reborn’ – cue dramatic music played over an organ here. This will be the second version of Square Enix’s struggling massive multiplayer online title that is slated for a release in due time. This particular game, A Realm Reborn, will continue where its predecessor left off – the MMO known as Final Fantasy XIV Online, where it will arrive on both the Sony PS3 and PC platforms.

Square Enix claims that A Realm Reborn has been “rebuilt from the ground up”, where it will deliver a stunning new world as well as engaging storyline. Hopefully it will live up to its expectations – I do think that this will not be a financial flop as there are more than enough die hard Final Fantasy fans around to prop up the sales figures of this game, but will it be another nail in the series’ coffin, or will it bring back the glory days where Final Fantasy is the golden standard for RPGs? Only time will tell.

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