Remember the story on the most viewed photograph of all time? Called Bliss, here we are with another milestone – what you see above is actually the first Instagram photo that has made it to the Internet, and nice to know it is nothing gross, but it offers something that touches the soft spot of one’s heart. I have never seen anyone turn away in disgust from a puppy before. The first photo of the puppy was first uploaded on July 16, 2010, and things have definitely come a long way since then – with Instagram being bought out by Facebook for a whopping billion dollars.

In fact, after nearly two years later, more than 50 million people have already shared over 1 billion photos on Instagram, and the company is humbled by the amazing photos that are shared every single day over Instagram, not to mention the community which is the driving force behind the application. Of course, puppies aren’t the only thing that gets one’s mojo on – the delectable dish that you are about to dig in also counts.

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