IKEA is not the only place to offer flat-packed goodness, as it seems as though there is a new kid in town that comes in the form of a prototype wind turbine which was specially designed for flat-pack shipping and easy assembly. I suppose the inventors behind this wind turbine must have spent plenty of time at IKEA before incorporating the Swedish furniture giant’s concept. You can check out the erected prototype over at Keele University in the UK.

Similar to other vertical axis turbines, the prototype which was designed by McCamley is more suitable for the gusting winds of inner cities, although it will also perform admirably in rural installations. Capable of rotating in light breezes as modest as 1.8 m/s (4 mph) in speed, the design of this prototype is highly adaptable, ranging from capacities between 1 and 24 kW, although do not rule out the possibility of larger sizes sometime down the road. McCamley hopes to roll out a commercially available 12-kW model before the year is over, with the ultimate intention of scaling the design to turbines of over 1 MW in capacity.

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