Freedom Pop 4G hotspot case turns iPod Touch into a near-iPhone

Freedom is coming out with a 4G case that practically turns an iPod Touch (gen 4) into an iPhone. It works by having a 4G LTE (Sprint Network, with WiMax and 3G fallback, I’m told) functionality directly in the case, which is also a WIFI hotspot. The iPod can then access the internet over the WiFi connection. Interestingly, Freedom Pop made a name for themselves by coming up with the same concept for iPhone 4/4S first. In my opinion, the iPod version adds much more value because iPods don’t have a cellular connection to start with.

The pricing is worth looking at too. The device itself costs $99 and comes with 1GB of free data every month. This should be easily enough for basic email and text communications (iMessage). Additional bandwidth can be purchased for $10/GB. There is no contract or commitment.

This is potentially great for teenagers when parents don’t want to have to pay for a full plan (and the potential extra-plan usage fees) as they could use broadband access and Skype for a reasonable price. Additionally, the FreedomPop devices can serve as a WiFi hotspot for up to 8 devices, so a laptop and a tablet could also benefit from it. What do you think? [Product page]

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