I am quite sure that anyone who watched Minority Report when it first came out was swayed by the amount of technology in the movie – imagine a full touchscreen user interface, where you used nothing but your fingers and palm of your hands to manipulate the entire display. Of course, we have come a long way since then, as large-scale motion and gesture-controlled computing does not seem to remain within the confines of science fiction movies any more. Los Angeles-based Oblong Industries recently demonstrated its exciting software known as G-Speak which allows one to interact with computers in a totally new way.

Touted to be a spatial operating environment, G-Speak will require users to wear a special glove while performing gestures right there in the air itself. Oblong CEO Kwin Kramer said, “We think the future of computing is multiuser, multiscreen, multidevice. This system helps with big workflow problems.”

Law enforcement and intelligence agencies would be some of the key industries that Oblong is targeting with G-Speak, although you can tell right from the get go that the potential for other applications abound. Hope you enjoy the video above as much as we did!

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