Nexus 7Hmmm, it does seem as though the Google Nexus 7 does have its fair share of hardware issues, where some users have already reported screen separation problems. These were mentioned over at the XDA Developer’s Forum, where select users with an eagle eye have noticed that the display on Google Nexus 7 (which was manufactured by Asus of Taiwan, by the way) is slowly but surely making its way above the plastic bezel with the passing passage of time. To put it in layman’s terms, the display is starting to pop out from the plastic casing – which is not a good sign at all. Apple must surely be stifling some laughter on their side, as no such issue has ever been reported concerning the iPad.

Word has it that the display of affected Nexus 7 tablets seem to creak when it is pressed, although in due time, separation issues start to surface. There was a particular enterprising XDA member who goes by the handle jam10238, who decided to have the tablet’s back cover removed, tightening the screws which make sure the display remains in place to get the situation back to “normal”. Hopefully this is a permanent solution and not a temporary one – it would be interesting to see what Google and Asus do about this situation.

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