NFC technology is not new, but the adoption rate of this technology has been minimal at best. Even efforts to include NFC connectivity in devices such as tablets and smartphones have not really taken off in a huge way, and most smartphones users too have yet to make a wireless payment via NFC. Google Wallet, despite being around for quite some time already, has until now received limited support from carriers. Perhaps things might change with the introduction of the new Nexus 7 tablet, as Google has announced an update for the Nexus 7 tablet which will introduce Google Wallet support.

One might argue that this does not make much sense at all, considering how a 7″ tablet is not exactly the most convenient method to perform payments on-the-go, but since you are already toting the Nexus 7 in an extra large cargo pants pocket or toting it around in a bag, why not give it a go when the opportunity arises? Using your credit card might still be a time saver, but there are bargains to be had with Google Wallet. Hopefully!

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