Google’s Marissa Mayer to be the next CEO of Yahoo!

Marissa MayerYahoo! has been struggling to make a significant impact on the internet for the past few years, and besides its popular email service, Yahoo! Mail, it’s got nothing on its main competitors. Well, it looks like that might change in the future – according to a report from the New York Times, Yahoo! has got a new weapon in its arsenal: one of Google’s top executives (now-ex), Marissa Mayer. After working in Google for the past 13 years, she will now be taking over the reins at Yahoo! starting tomorrow.

Marissa Mayer was Google’s first female engineer, and has been crucial in the search engine giant’s success. Mayer was also responsible for Google’s white search homepage, Gmail, Google News, Google Images and was recently put in charge of Google Maps as well. This comes as a huge blow to Google, seeing how those services are some of the company’s most popular offerings. No word on what Mayer has in store for Yahoo!, but we should find out soon enough.

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