Heated knife runs on battery power

I still remember an old X-Men comic that saw Wolverine claim that his claws are able to slice through metal like a “hot knife through butter”, and I suppose this is an inspirational quote for those who wished that their toast will not end up with a cold lump of butter. Enter this heated knife that relies on battery power to raise its external temperature so that you need not wrestle with a cold lump of butter on your toast any more – where the heating element of the knife remains at a constant temperature of 41.8 degrees Celsius, thanks to a couple of AA batteries that are located in the handle of the heated knife itself.

The knife was designed by Warburtons, where it can heat up to 41.8 degrees Celsius, and is powered by a couple of AA batteries located in the handle. At 41.8 degrees Celsius, it does enough to melt the butter just right for a smooth and even spread without requiring you to poke holes in the bread. A button on the handle will be able to activate the battery-operated heating element, where a flashing LED points out that it is on. It takes around 30 seconds to spread butter on a single slice, but since this remains a prototype, it remains to be seen whether it will ever make its way to the market – and for how much should that happen.

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