Good news for Heroes of Newerth fans – S2 Games announced yesterday that as of today (July 20th), the game will be completely unlocked for all players. This means that you won’t have to wait for weeks just to get a chance to play with your favorite heroes anymore. The free-hero pool that used to rotate on a fixed schedule is now completely open to all players (previously available only to people who bought the game a long time ago). While this might upset people who spent a lot of money unlocking heroes, it should make the game more appealing to newcomers and people who only started playing when it first became free to play.

However for those of you who have purchased heroes recently (after July 5th), you’ll be getting a refund, and those of you who have spent money on the game previously will receive a free Mecha Gemini avatar. I guess this makes Heroes of Neweth on par with DOTA 2’s free to play model – money can only be spent on in-game cosmetics now. Check out the announcement trailer above.

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