Tawkon infographicRemember Tawkon? The folks behind the radiation emission detection app that was released on Android earlier this year? Well, they’ve recently pushed out an interesting infographic showing the SAR exposure levels of various phones available on the market. According to them, the BlackBerry Bold 9700 is the most dangerous phone, with a radiation level of 1.37w/kg (1.6w/kg is the maximum accepted exposure), while the iPhone 4S comes in second place with 1.11w/kg. The recently released Galaxy S3 seems to be the safest of the lot with a rating of 0.34w/kg – I guess Tawkon is trying to say that you’d be better off buying Samsung’s flagship device instead of Apple’s if you value your health. Or you can just pick up an iPhone with a headset to use the phone at a distance. Could this infographic be a jab at Apple for rejecting Tawkon’s app from the App Store? Find out more about how Tawkon checks your phone radiation from its website. Full infographic after the break.

Tawkon infographic


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