There is a certain degree of satisfaction when it comes to stamping a sheet of paper, but here is something that might just help you lighten up the sombre mood at the office – with the $75 Japanese Emoticon Stamper. It might seem to be rather expensive at first, but when you think about it, the price point does make sense – especially when you consider that you are able to wield the potential power of 2,000 different kinds of emoticons with the Japanese Emoticon Stamper alone. Not even the mighty Thor’s hammer has that number of variance in attacks it delivers.

I guess when you are able to choose from 2,000 configurable emoticons, it is perfect for you to convey just exactly how you are feeling at that point in time without having to crack your head. After all, the Japanese Emoticon Stamper will feature 7 rows of 20 different symbols on its rubber stamper, and we do wonder whether school teachers and university lecturers as well as professors with a penchant for all things Japanese might want to pick this up and have a little bit of fun with their students.

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